Cresta Wheelers Cycling Club

Cresta Wheelers Cycling Club


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Prospective Cyclist,

Welcome to Cresta Wheelers Cycling Club! We are one of the oldest cycling clubs in the country, formed more than twenty years ago. Some of our members still riding with us were with the club from the beginning. Being a non-profit club, we cater for all levels of cycling with a specific focus on safe and enjoyable cycling.
The club is managed and run by a voluntary committee, voted in at an annual AGM. We have a constituiton that is available for your persual so, please feel free to ask a committee member to forward you a copy, if you so require

Your club committee is listed under Contacts

Some details that will enable you to get the best benefits from your membership and assist you in understanding the club ethos are as follows:

1. The Cresta Wheelers home base is at the Northcliff Counrty Club, situated on cnr Fir Drive & Weltevreden Road, Northcliff, Randburg. Membership of Cresta Wheelers Cycling Club includes social membership of Northcliff Country Club and you are therefore welcome to use it’s facilities and services at any time.

2. We have a social evening on the last Tuesday of every month from 18h30 onwards at the Northcliff Country Club. There is a full cash bar facility and dinner is on sale. We also hold a raffle for prizes donated from the sponsoring shops. The executive committee provides feedback on future & past activities.

3. Normal club rides are on Sunday mornings and leave from RNorthcliff Country Club. Our rides follow a number of standard routes that we rotate through to provide some variety. We strive to have a number of groups (A,B,C etc.) doing different distances and speeds to cater to all levels of rider. Each group will have a ride captain who is appointed on that day’s ride (normally by group consensus) and has sole discretion as to the ride speed and deviations from the day’s route. We promote keeping together as a group and we also endeavour to have a sweep rider (the ride captain or other designated rider) whose responsibility it is to control the group from the rear.

4. Official club ride start times are 6:30 during summer and 7:00 during winter. The changeover from summer to winter start times happens on the first weekend in April and the times change back on the first weekend in September. The start times are strictly adhered to so please be respectful to your fellow cyclists and arrive timeously for your rides.

5. The time and route details of the club rides are posted on our website The website is a major platform of communication from the club so please do access it at least once a week. Should you not have access to the internet please notify us so that we can arrange for alternative communications. We also try to stay in communication via regular emails. Should you not have access to email, please let us know so that we can make the necessary alternative arrangements for you to stay abreast with the club news.

6. Please wear club kit on all club rides and especially when racing, so you can identify yourself as a member of the club.

7. As our club is committed to safe riding please read our "Code of Conduct" prior to joining us on our rides. Cresta Wheelers has a long standing track record of being protagonists of Road Friendly Cycling. We strictly adhere to all traffic signs, we are courteous to all road users, and have a stringent policy of No Helmet No Ride!!!

8. Linden Cycles & Northcliff Cycles are our prefered retail outlets and we urge you to support them. As Cresta Wheelers members you qualify for a 10% discount off list price on all your purchases and services at both shops.

9. Being a non-profit club we are always looking at securing more funds to ensure the best for our members. If you are in a position to assist or to introduce the club to any corporate sponsorships, or have any ideas in this regard, please feel free to contact one of the committee members.

We are confident that you will enjoy your membership and hope you will become a integral part of our club. Remember that it is our club, and it is for us all, as members, to ensure it’s well being. Please feel free to contact myself or any executive committee member should you have any queries.

We are looking forward to seeing you on our club rides and at the club social.

Yours in cycling,

Leigh Privett Harry Mahieu
New Membership Chairman